Local dancers and movement artists needed for immersive gig with Livia Rita

Organiser: Liva Rita

We are looking for 2 dancers & individuals to join our performance for a night at The Old England, Bristol on Friday 22nd November.
We are looking to build up a long term relationship with these local dancers, so that when we tour again or play festivals in the area we can work as locally as possible. 
The work is interdisciplinary; we work with art fashion, live art and electronic music. We’ve got ambitious future visions – the performance explores identities, our relationship with nature and emotions, the state of creature, love love love, a hunger for togetherness…

A bit about Livia Rita – Livia’s music collides into a furious, dreamy and tantalising live show; a surreal 4D music video immersing us in her post-human utopia of future feminism and abundant queer ecology. Developed under the mentorship of Lindsay Kemp (David Bowie) and Lea Anderson at the Barbican, Livia’s universe has been described as “Bjork on 3 tabs of LSD.”


What would happen:
  • You would be introduced to our practice.
  • We would rehearse from around midday onwards, to then perform in the evening. The work is easy enough to pick up.
  • You would need to prepare for the performance; listen to the songs / learn some queues / and look through some footage of the performance to learn about placements and costumes worn.
  • We would do a show together, roughly 50 min duration, throw some energy and meanings into the universe and have fun together.
  • We are currently waiting for an ACE application, if we’d get it you would get a fee
  • If we don’t receive ACE, we would share the ticket profit of the night with all performers (3 band, 3 dancers & booker & 1 van/ petrol & food counts a person too)
Looking forward to hearing from you! If interested drop an email to [email protected]


The Old England



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Livia Rita
[email protected]

Opportunity title: Local dancers and movement artists needed for immersive gig with Livia Rita
Expiry Date: 2019-11-08T00:00:00+00:00