Looking two actors for a comedy -sketch in Bristol

Cost: 0


Production Title: Speechless

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Student

Project genre: Comedy – Sketch (similar Monty Payton, The Office)

Project Length: 4 minutes

Project format: 16:9 HD

Posted on: Tuesday, May 1th, 2018

Production Location: Bristol

Production Company: City of Bristol College, Student Project

Director: Miguel Remiro Perlado

Audition Location: City of Bristol College, College Green Center, St George’s Road Bristol BS15UA.

We might hold auditions in acting schools if it helps actors to audition.

Shooting Location: Bristol, UK

Email/phone: [email protected] / 07857835219

Compensation: N/A (no budget project to add to CV/portfolio)

Key Dates (to be confirmed)

Audition: Depends on the number of candidates committing to the project.

Shouting Starts: Mid of May 2018 (tbc) (Two shooting days)


Be aware we might have to discuss the shooting days to accommodate the needs and availability of any potential good candidates.



Rodrigo is a Spanish civil engineer who is struggling to get a job in UK. After many unsuccessful job interviews, he is offered a job he cannot refuse. (back story) The sketch starts with Peter sitting in the office, this would be introduction to the character through his expressions and the way he sits/plays on the computer and so on, and reading the CV or more like discarding it as seeing this guy is Spanish. Rodrigo enters the room and is very polite, greeting Peter and waiting for him to let him sit down. The interview begins here. The sketch ends with Peter submitting Rodrigo for a position, but Rodrigo would receive a great surprise just before the end of sketch. (This will be clear in the script)



Rodrigo Cuadrado [Male] [Age: 35-45] SPANISH ACTOR

He is a Spanish guy with excellent educational background, intellectual but with very strong accent. He is smart in appearance and articulate, has problems with some English sounds such as ‘th’ ‘s’ and ‘sh’ and so on. Some words sound different and need to be understood within the context.

Mr. Peter White [Male] [Age: 25-30]

Peter is a confident and very self-conscious guy. He appears very arrogant as believes that he does not understand a word Rodrigo says. This is only due to the accent and his appearance as foreigner. Peter does not filter his words and often says something inappropriate believing it’s ok to say as Rodrigo probably does not understand him, which is obviously incorrect. Peter would speak directly to audience, commenting on his absurd point of view of Rodrigo.



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[email protected]

Opportunity title: Looking two actors for a comedy -sketch in Bristol
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