SS Great Britain Volunteer Costumed Role: Brunel’s Chief Clerk

Organiser: Matilda Wallis

Brunel’s Chief Clerk will welcome visitors to Brunel’s Duke Street office in the SS Great Britain’s brand new Being Brunel Museum.  They will bring to life the stories of the business he conducted there.

Main activities:

Costume Volunteers will be in period costume but are asked to interact with visitors as themselves, rather than in character. However there are many ways in which you can bring the history of Duke Street to life in an engaging, accessible and authentic way:

  • Welcoming visitors to Duke Street and establishing the time and place recreated in the space: London in the autumn of 1840
  • Describing the role Duke Street played in Brunel’s professional life and the engineering business he operated from there.
  • Share with visitors the story of the development of the SS Great Britain’s design during this pivotal moment in Brunel’s career.
  • Answering visitors’ questions and providing accurate information in a lively and engaging way
  • Enabling all visitors to explore and interact with Brunel’s office and to follow in his footsteps. 

About you: 

No prior experience is necessary, we will provide you will all the training and information that you need.  We are looking for people who:

  • Are happy wearing historical costume and engaging with visitors in an interactive and vibrant way
  • Have an interest in Victorian history
  • Are willing to undertake training related to the role
  • Are friendly, approachable and confident in a busy public environment
  • Are enthusiastic about working with our visitors of all ages and backgrounds
  • Want to share their passion for history in an engaging and interactive way
  • Are able to volunteer for a morning or afternoon session per week. 





Contact Details

Matilda Wallis
[email protected]
0117 926 0680

Opportunity title: SS Great Britain Volunteer Costumed Role: Brunel’s Chief Clerk
Expiry Date: 2018-12-09T17:00:00+00:00