Plan. A . Residency call out

Plan A ( working title ) is an immersive theatre experience that
gives the audience an insight into what it is like for autistic adults
navigating this world.

Plan A is a celebration of neuro-diversity and the different ways in which we experience, communicate and interact with the world around us. The audience will take an active role, interacting with the space and performers through a series of games and sensory experiences, threaded together through narrative.
We want to question the template we all use to navigate day to day tasks and become aware of its nuances, our own hard wired instincts and social intuition. When in our lives is this silent code wired into us?  How are the majority of us able to read and interpret the intricacies of both verbal and non-verbal communication simultaneously, with little to no consideration or conscious thought? What are the differences for ‘neuro-typicals’ in comparison with those on the autism spectrum?

We don’t want to be prescriptive or patronise: this is not ‘The autism show’ to preach to the converted.  The aim is to give the audience an understanding of the different challenges people with autism experience, recognise strengths, and equip them with practical skills to communicate effectively, support, embrace and meaningfully include autistic adults in society. Delivered in a bold and very Bristol fashion!

The project is in partnership with Matthew Trerise, who is the training and liaison lead for the NHS autism diagnostic service for adults in Bristol. He delivers specialist autism training and provides clinical supervision to professionals, with a specific focus on criminal justice issues and employment. We’re excited to begin this project with a residency at the Tobacco factory in the beginning of September and are looking for a wide range of creatives to explore the subject with us.

We are currently reaching out to collaborators who have an interest in the subject, preferably with lived experience or personal knowledge of Autism. This may be that you have a diagnosis yourself, have experience of providing support or have a member of your family who is Autistic.  We’re particularly interested in people with experience designing games, visual artists, video mapping, VR, audio engineers, sound scape designers and performers from a physical theatre or movement based backround.

The residency is not funded so at the moment we can’t offer a fee. It is the intention to use the residency to amass material and create a strong body of work and a profile to apply for funding from grants. This project has a strong case to be funded in the future though I appreciate that ‘in the future’ doesn’t put food on the table right now. I’m asking for skills and time on good will and passion for the subject. There will also be some high grade Autism training for all those involved. I believe that all artists should be paid fairly for their work, so I appreciate asking for time might not be achievable at this time but please say hello anyway!

I’m also not going to insult you by offering exposure, exposure is something that people die of and this project isn’t about that. It isn’t about us, our profile or ego. It’s about an exceptional group in our society navigating this world without an advocate. We, as artists are just ultilising the skills we have to help us all be better understood.

There will absolutely be biscuits.

If this has sparked a creative idea within you or if you’d like to know more about the project then please get in touch. The residency dates at the Tobacco Factory are Monday 2nd to Friday 6th of September, please include your availability within this time in your e-mail. We are asking that you are available for at least 3 days in this week ( Monday, Friday and an additional day based on your skills set )

I look forward to hearing from you





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