Producer Needed for Exciting Contemporary Circus Show

Cost: £700 starting rate, fee negotiable.

Organiser: Hannah Finn

After the premier of our show, we have been receiving such interest for our work that we need to expand and hire a producer. We are looking for a producer to help us with our upcoming September show at the Malvern Theatre’s as well as to secure funding for, and book the rest of our Spring 2019 tour.

In terms of Emotive Circus Arts, we are the first company in the world to utilize specific studies such as Neuroscience, Affect Theory and Jungian Psychology to influence an audience to feel emotion. We are also the first company in the world to have each of our shows be based around a different emotion. Our show EvoL is all about exploring the multifaceted dimensions of different types of love.

Having just premiered our first UK show EvoL at the Rondo Theatre in Bath, we completely sold out, were rated 4 stars by Theatre Bath and have been in contact with many reputable theatre’s and programmers offering exciting future opportunities for the company.

This being said, we are looking for a Producer to help with all aspects of touring our show. Some of the things that we need support in include, communication with potential venues, tour booking, helping to organize in-kind sponsorships, building relationships, fundraising, securing funding from ACE or grants/trusts, budget building, organizing timetables and rehearsal space. We prefer if the applicant has experience with applying for and receiving ACE funding or funding from grants/trusts. Another key skill to us is that the applicant has booked a tour before and has experience with communicating and securing potential venues.

The applicant must have an interest in contemporary circus, and be passionate and dedicated. We are also open to working with people who come from a background outside of circus.

This company will provide extended work, so we are looking for someone who is interested in working with us in the longer term as well.

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Hannah Finn

Opportunity title: Producer Needed for Exciting Contemporary Circus Show
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