Puppetry workshops by Maria Schejbal, of Grodzki Theatre Poland

Cost: £150 4 days or £80 for 2 days

Organiser: acta Theatre

Join us at acta Theatre for a very special event as we welcome the amazing Maria Schejba of Grodzki Theatre in Poland for 4 days of puppetry workshops in Bristol!

If you are interested in taking this course or want to learn more about it, please email

Prices – £150 for the full course (4 days)
or £80 for 2 days (either Monday & Tuesday, or Wednesday and Thursday)

Evaluation quote from Neil Packham, Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.

“Maria… I absolutely loved the workshop and the manner in which you led it, encouraging us all the way. It gives instant pleasure and takes the pressure off the participant. It has a spontaneity about it and brings a great deal of satisfaction as you see the results of your labor.
I think it`s very interesting that in the end we all felt so connected to our own puppets, we’d built a relationship with our crushed and twisted brown paper and string! We had created characters from such elemental materials that ended up being so important to us.”
Neil Packham. Director at Citizens Theatre. Glasgow, Scotland


“For those who are not familiar with puppetry art it is usually something of a revelation that puppets can be as good in acting, as people (or even better!). They are unexpectedly easy to make (simple ones) and they let us discover our own creativity, imagination and sensitivity. Simple objects and materials brought to life on stage, can represent any real or imaginary personage/creature and any feeling, emotion or phenomenon. Becoming alive and specific, they are in the same time metaphorical. This is why puppets are so useful in raising and discussing important issues (personal and social) on stage. They are also very good for involving in theatre work those who are shy or self-contained. One can always hide behind a puppet, yet being able to express true feelings and emotions. Last but not least, puppetry art is a perfect tool in improving team work and mutual communication.” Maria Schejbal.


At acta Centre, Gladstone St, Bristol BS3 3AY, UK


acta theatre, Gladstone Street, Bedminster, Bristol


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