Queer Performance call out!

Cost: Unpaid

I am looking for performers and collaborators who might be interested in joining my new collective or participate in a series of R&D sessions! We are devising performance pieces which will be showcased in a live art context exploring queer culture and identity. The work references underground, hedonistic queer imagery and ideas, entangling themes of sexual empowerment with weakness and vulnerability. I hope that all the performers and collaborators involved should feel empowered through this project and that it should be fun to unite and collaborate as a queer sector in Bristol.

The work we have been developing so far has been primarily movement based, in response to loud electronic music but no necessary skill or experience required from performers. I am looking for performers and devisers, as well as potentially creatives who are interested in or make music/sound as well as those interested in lighting. I hold an art studio at Caraboo Projects in Bedminster where we have started workshopping ideas and have a space to rehearse in, with a first performance opportunity at an exhibition in the space on 13th September. I am looking for Queer creatives who could be interested in performing at this event or equally would enjoy becoming part of this process!


Caraboo Projects



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Chris Owen


movement, queer, sound
Opportunity title: Queer Performance call out!
Expiry Date: 2019-09-13T00:00:00+01:00