Radical Feminist Comedy Sketch Show – Volunteer Wardrobe Assistant

Great opportunity for a recent graduate or someone seeking experience, to work with a radical feminist theatre company – potential to lead to paid work.

We are looking for a Volunteer Wardrobe Assistant for two performance nights at The Bike Shed Theatre:

Friday 9th Feb, from 5pm to 10:30pm (with a break from 6:30-8pm between briefing & show). 
And 10th of Feb 6:30pm-9pm only.
The show is part of the Calm Down Dear Festival of Feminist Theatre, it is a comedy sketch show, with high energy and is a lot of fun.
We are offering a complimentary ticket + 1, for a performance in Bristol on March 2nd/ 3rd OR A complimentary ticket to the other show night in Exeter if you are only able to do one night, OR We a comp to another show in the Calm Down Dear Festival of Feminist Theatre at The Bike Shed if you can (preferably) do both shows.
Queen C*nt Sacred or Profane? explores issues surrounding female empowerment, sexual consent, pornography, and ‘the creative female power’.
We bring deep questions about female agency into the show, carefully explored through absurdist humour.
These performances are part of a Mini Tour [London, Exeter, Bristol]. And the the show has bookings at numerous festivals this year including at the prestigious Underbelly at Edinburgh Fringe, so the role could potentially lead to paid work.
It would be an insight into the running of a fringe theatre company for any student interested in going on to make their own work.
Here is some further info about the show:
After sell-out shows at Bristol and London, Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane? arrives at the Exeter Bike Shed this weekend, as part of the Calm Down, Dear Festival.
Friday 9th February @ 8:30pm & 
Saturday 10th February 2018 @ 7pm 
at Bike Shed, Exeter.
There’s a special offer available: Book two shows across the Festival for just £12 – just £6 per show! (Ticket prices usually £10 or £12)
“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands,
Kill their children
Practice witchcraft
Destroy capitalism
And become lesbians”
Come and see us do all of this…and more!
Venus is about to collide with Earth! A multi-character melange of opinion paints the stage rainbow coloured, sequined, hairy and fleshy pink…
Blending music, comedy, drag, movement, dance, bouffon and the grotesque – Queen C*nt sees all power to the feminine, the wrathful, the sensual!
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Exeter Bike Shed


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Opportunity title:  Radical Feminist Comedy Sketch Show – Volunteer Wardrobe Assistant
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