Recruiting Dance Artists for Move Dance Feel – a creative project for women affected by cancer

Cost: This is a paid opportunity

Organiser: Move Dance Feel

Move Dance Feel is a creative project for women affected by cancer, including those caring for someone with cancer, designed to offer holistic support and enhance wellbeing. It aims to provide a joyful experience which encourages and inspires participants to dance both individually and with others.

Initiated in 2016 Move Dance Feel has proved to be extremely successful, bringing about a variety of benefits for the women involved. The project is delivered in partnership with leading cancer support organisations in order to integrate dance into their activity programmes.

Please see Move Dance Feel online for more information about the project, where you can access/view the 2019 Evaluation Report.

You can also watch a 5 min documentary film about the project here:

Thanks to fundraising success the project is now in a phase of development, launching for the first time outside of London in Bristol in partnership with Penny Brohn UK. Due to the nature of Penny Brohn UK, a residential Centre, Move Dance Feel will be programmed as weekend, bi-monthly courses throughout 2020, offering an immersive dance experience.

Embedded into the Move Dance Feel project model is an artist training programme, where dancers are given specialist knowledge and introduced to elements of practice that are specific to working in the context of cancer diagnosis and recovery.

The Opportunity:

Move Dance Feel is looking to recruit two local Dance Artists, based in Bristol, to fulfil the role of ‘Support Artist’ between November 2019 and December 2020. Their role will be to support the Lead Artists with course delivery, collaborating and taking an active position in the group by enhancing participants’ experience.

Project Founder, Emily Jenkins, will equip the Support Artists with the knowledge and skills needed to become confident Lead Artists for Move Dance Feel by December 2020. After which, it is expected that provision will continue and expand, generating future paid work with Move Dance Feel in and around Bristol.

The training programme includes; shadowing Lead Artists; observing and participating in Move Dance Feel courses; one on one mentoring; Artist Days (CPD) centred around the Move Dance Feel methodology, creative exchange and reflective practice; opportunities to apply your learning directly into the dance context; and practice support.

Other duties might include setting up the dance space, and the handling of participant registration and evaluation forms. Due to the involvement of evaluation and research, you may also be asked to make observational notes.

Overview and Dates (November 2019 – December 2020):

> Participant Recruitment Taster Sessions

Six in total (2 hours per session), taking place at different community/health Centres in Bristol (locations TBC), and at Penny Brohn UK (Pill, BS20 0HH).

25th November 2019: 10.30am – 12.30pm

26th November 2019: 2pm – 4pm

27th November 2019: 11am – 1pm

5th December 2019: 11am – 1pm

6th December 2019: Times TBC

11th January 2020: 11am – 1pm

> Move Dance Feel
Weekend Courses

Six in total, taking place at Penny Brohn UK (Pill, BS20 0HH).

24th (PM), 25th (all day), 26th (all day) January 2020

20th (PM), 21st (all day), 22nd (all day) March 2020

29th (PM), 30th (all day), 31st (all day) May 2020

17th (PM), 18th (all day), 19th (all day) July 2020

18th (PM), 19th (all day), 20th (all day) September 2020 (dates TBC)

20th (PM) 21st (all day), 22nd (all day) November 2020

> Artist Days

Two in total (locations TBC).

Date TBC January 2020

Date TBC September 2020

> Evaluation Meeting

Date TBC December 2020


Committed to offering paid training opportunities, a fee of between £900 and £1200 is available. The difference is subject to how many taster sessions the Support Artist can attend (it’s not expected that you attend all of them – two artists means we can split the dates between you).

This rate includes the fee for all six courses, two Artist Days, and access to practice support. Food will be provided during the weekend courses, and additional money will be offered towards travel expenses and for the evaluation meeting.

If you feel this fee does not reflect your current level of experience, please express your interest anyway and explain what rate you would consider to undertake this work.



  • Applicants must live in/be local to Bristol
  • Applicants must be established Dance Artists, with relevant knowledge and experience in facilitating dance in community settings
  • Applicants must be available for/commit to all six weekend courses


  • An interest in the relationship between dance, health and wellbeing

If you would like to apply for a Support Artist position with Move Dance Feel, please provide your personal details and answer the EOI questions outlined below.

Support Artist – Expression of Interest Form

This EOI must be completed and returned to [email protected] by midday on Tuesday 5th November 2019 in order to be considered for a Support Artist role. Successful applicants will then receive a reply/invitation to interview on Thursday 7th November 2019 – interviews are likely to be via phone/Skype.



Phone Number:


1. Please state you availability, confirming whether or not you can attend all six Move Dance Feel courses at Penny Brohn UK throughout 2020, and whether it’s possible to support the participant recruitment taster sessions (any or all of them – please detail dates).

2. What interests you about this opportunity?

3. What do you want to learn from/about Move Dance Feel?

4. What do you feel you can bring to the project?

5. Please describe how your previous experiences have equipped you with the skills needed for this role (note – this does not have to only be dance specific).

6. What do you like to explore in your dance practice?

7. How do you describe the work you do?

8. Please give me an example of a project you’re involved with that you enjoy, explaining why you enjoy it.

9. Please detail three music suggestions that you would use in a Move Dance Feel session…

THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this EOI
Connect: @MoveDanceFeel (facebook and twitter)


Penny Brohn UK



Contact Details

Emily Jenkins
[email protected]

Opportunity title: Recruiting Dance Artists for Move Dance Feel – a creative project for women affected by cancer
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