Female writer/actor wanted for collaboration

red thread uses dramatic narrative to explore the concepts that underpin public conversation.

For our next project, Mercury, we will be looking back into the period of the English Republic, when ideas of  providence and alchemy loomed large and the Second Coming felt imminent, to investigate where our modern concept of ‘the economy’ comes from.

A challenge: the historical record, by and large, tells us of the deeds of men, not women. We want to recruit a female writer/actor to our team to ensure that the lives of women who were embroiled in this period of change are strongly represented.

Historical expertise is much less important than an investigative/ adventurous spirit and flexible approach. Altruism and reliability are also pretty essential. If you think this is you and you’re interested do drop us a brief line and we’ll send you a script.


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James Picardo
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Opportunity title: Female writer/actor wanted for collaboration
Expiry Date: 2017-12-30T17:00:00+00:00