Reversed – Call out for Performers

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Dear Children of All Ages,

Reversed is a performance event taking place in the White Theatre, on 8 April, 3.30 to 6pm.  This is a collaboration between Nu Nu Theatre and LAPER (Live Art and Performance Group) Oxford.

Confirmed performers will come from Oxford, Bristol, Bath and The Netherlands.

We are looking for performances (up to 10 minutes long) inspired by the theme Reversed. These can be in medium/genre: theatre/performance art-derived, Live art-inspired, poetry, costume wearing, video, physical/physics/pataphysics/…, dance, bird-watching, clay-modelling, you name it.

Please get back to us with an outline of your proposed piece. We bank on spontaneity, so the piece does not necessarily need to be intensely rehearsed. The only expectation we have is that you remain rather low tech (we can only provide basic sound/light and minimum props).

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Thank you all!


White Theatre, Department of Theatre, University of Bristol



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