REVIEWER – ‘Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?’ – The Cube March 3rd 2pm

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‘Queen C*nt – Sacred or Profane?’ are looking for an independent reviewer to review the show. And potentially to submit their review to The Bristol Cable or The F-Word (feminist arts reviewing publication). The latter will be dependant on the review being accepted by the publications, so it would also be good to hear from bloggers, who have their own channel as well.


Radical Feminist Comedy Sketch show!!! @ The Cube 2nd & 3rd of March.

Queen C*nt Sacred or Profane?

“Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands,
Kill their children
Practice witchcraft
Destroy capitalism
And become lesbians”

Come and see us do all of this…and more!

Check out full info here:

Reviews so far include:


“A cunt-troversal contemporary ‘Vagina Monologues’, dripping with dark humour…A stunning kaleidoscope of character changes… a celebration of women, pleasure & the many differing shades of sexuality…this show will change lives.” – Review, Weston Supermum

“A queerly delightful sketch show that packs a political punch… an array of funny, alarming,

sometimes relatable & always memorable characters.” ★★★★ LGBTQ Arts Review

“Touching deep, intimate, serious content, leaving us all laughing uncontrollably at the audacious take of these exciting performers – deserves to be seen by all men & women!” – Deasy Bamford, Director, Tribe of Dorris

“Mind expansion à la Mighty Boosh. Top class entertainment with vital alluring depths.” – Kate Bee, Audience member

If you would like to review – we can offer you a comp for the Saturday 2pm show. Please write to us on

by 5pm on Thursday March 1st.

Deborah Antoinette Ward
Mini Tour: CPTThe Bikeshed & The Cube



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