Rosangela Silvestre and Alysson Bruno Masterclass ONLINE: all the way from Brasil

Cost: donation

Organiser: Angeles Fiallo & Penny Caffrey

Penny Caffrey (Movema) & Angeles Fiallo Montero (Brazilian Dance in Bristol – Angeles Fiallo Montero / Afon Sistema) in collaboration with many others, have hosted workshops with internationally renowned artists Rosangela Silvestre and Alysson Bruno, annually in the UK and Europe since 2013.

Rosangela and Alysson were meant to return to Bristol this May for the 7th year to facilitate a 3-day intensive of Movement and rhythm workshops. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the restrictions on travel and group activity, we are enabling instead a digital portal for a weekend of online masterclasses, taught in Brazil and shared across the world.

These workshops will include, Symbology of Orixá, story-telling and Musicality of Candomble, inspired by the African Ancestrals manifested and rooted in Brazil.

Workshops are for all levels and abilities.




14.00- 15.30 BST (UK) // 10.00 -11.30 AM (Argentina/Brasil)
Symbology of Orixa (Rosangela)

16.00 – 17.30 BST (UK) // 12.00- 1.30 PM (Argentina/Brasil)
Storytelling and Musicality of Candomble (Alysson)*


14.00- 15.30 BST (UK) // 10.00 -11.30 AM (Argentina/Brasil)
Symbology of Orixa (Rosangela)

16.00 – 17.30 BST (UK) // 12.00- 1.30 PM (Argentina/Brasil)
Storytelling and Musicality of Candomble (Alysson)*

* Please bring drum sticks for this workshop if you have.


Classes are Online via ZOOM.

To access, once you have made a ticket donation you will receive an email with a link to the workshops.

There will be a code and password for each day.

We will start the Zoom ‘meeting’ at 13.50 each day to allow time for people to arrive and check their setting etc.


TICKETS (available via the link below on a donation basis):

Please join us no matter what you can afford at the moment. We welcome any donation amount, or please email us for the link if you are unable to donate at all at this time: [email protected]

For those with a steady income we suggest £5-10 per workshop (total of 4 workshops available over the weekend).

Please also email us if you are unable to pay via eventbrite but are happy to contribute through a different payment platform.

The donations will be sent to Rosangela and Alysson to support them during this challenging time with their international tour being cancelled.


We are hoping to get lots of keen dancers and drummers involved, not only from Bristol but other cities in the UK and around the globe. Please spread the word.

If you have any questions please email us [email protected]

Many thanks to our partners, Silvestre Family Bristol and Silvestre UK Family who have hosted, organised and supported this work over the years including;
Jon Hardeman Music, Nicky Barry, Jason Gaines, Jake Calvert, Jackson Lapes, Tamsin Borimsin, Rachel Achol De Garang, Tribe of Doris, Leandro Menezes Capoeira Natural Do Brasil, Evie Gkatzioufa, Bristol Samba – Bloco Carnavalesco, Ilu Axé Dmac UK Kathleen Kiernan, Victoria Pearl Bone, Kirby Paula, Capoeira Angola Bristol (Filhos de Angola) Agüi Garcia, Colette Lacote, Cleo Alberta Lake, Andrea Vasconcelos, Ana Pureza Veronica Leopoldino, Olissa Kim Francisco, Irineu Nogueiraa & the London Abieié DANCE Community, Juliana Pinheiro [email protected] (Katumba), Juba do Leão, Capoeira for all, Helen Wilson, Rise Youth and the Movema Liverpool team Mia Malone Ithalia Forel and Pei Tong. There are many more that has support us in one way or another.


Angeles & Penny
On behalf of the Bristol Silvestre Family

The Symbology of Orixá brings us the possibility to experience the connection between the rhythms, traditional movement, archetypes and stories of the Orixa dances, interpreted as an art form. The experience guides us to discover, giving permission for sacred symbolism to inspire the body to dance, and to express the forces of the Elements of Nature. This workshop will be movement based.

An interactive session exploring rhythms and stories inspired in the Symbology of Orixá. Due to the nature of the virtual platform, we won’t be using drums but vocalisation, body and table percussion. Please do bring along drum sticks if you have at home.


ABOUT Rosangela Silvestre
Choreographer, instructor, dancer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique, Rosangela is a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and post-graduated specializing in choreography, achieving her degree from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Rosangela currently leads an Intesive Dance Training in Salvador at Escola de Dança da Funceb every January and August. She also leads intensive dance & movement workshops across the world and works in collaboration with several international dance companies and artists. In Addition, Rosangela runs a individual tailored dance programe in Morro de Sao Paulo.

ABOUT Alysson Bruno

Alysson Bruno: Musician, dancer, composer, producer and music director from São Paulo, Brazil, born and raised in the religion of Candomblé of the Ketu nation.

Alysson began his training with the social and cultural organization Abaçai Cultura e Arte, led by one of Brazil’s most prominent percussionists and researchers, Ari Colares. He is the main percussionist and composer with the choreographer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique, Rosangela Silvestre and has played, composed, and performed with choreographer Irineu Nogueira. Alysson has also worked as Musical Director for Canadian dance company Dance Migration’s latest theatre production, Gaia and has composed for drumming group Baque de Bamba.






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