S#*! Talk Webseries Casting Call

Cost: Unpaid


Hi there,
I’ve written a comedic webseries ‘S#*! Talk’, about the wonderfully bizarre friendship of two women in their twenties. The episodes are based on/ inspired by real conversations with my best friend, and is thus a sort of homage to our and all the wonderful female friendships everywhere. It’s a sort of that ‘Key and Pee’l meets ‘Broad City’. And I am now looking for actors to help me fill the roles.

We’re looking for 1x Female/Identifying and 3x Male/Identifying actors.


1x Female/Identifying (23-30)
Ray (Any ethnicity): Ray is the best friend. She is stubborn and confident, quirky, alternative, and open. She is fiercely loyal to her best friend but also unafraid to call her out on something. At the core of their friendship lies their love for Disney, their goofy nature, their independent identities yet their dependency on each other, and their feminism.

3x Male/Identifying (23-30)
Freddie/Tim (BAME): The boss of the three. He’s in charge of the company, and always gets first dibs on the characters he wants to play for the immersive experiences.

Hans/George (White): George has been working with Tim for a while now, and is sick of always getting seconds, and fighting for the limelight. He is argumentative, and finally confronts George about his character choices mid-job.

Oscar (White): Very laid back. He is unaffected/ uninterested in the drama between George and Tim. He is more interested in just doing the job and getting paid.

These three male/identifying characters will be playing actors, who are invited over to the house for an immersive theatre experience. They will be dressed up as Freddie Mercury, young Harrison Ford/Hans Solo, and Oscar Wilde. We’re not looking for anyone who looks like these characters, if you do, bonus, but we’re more interested in the embodiment of the energy and essence of the characters. You will be speaking in direct quotes made by the celebrities for the most part.

We aim to begin filming at the end of April (21st-22nd). Other film dates will be subject to cast and crew availability.

Auditions will take place on the 4th of April.

Unfortunately as everyone involved is at the start of their career we sadly have no funding. But food and expenses will be covered for performers.

If interested please send your Spotlight or CV’s and showreels to [email protected]





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Savannah Betts
[email protected]

Opportunity title: S#*! Talk Webseries Casting Call
Expiry Date: 2019-04-04T00:00:00+01:00