Short Film Casting – RESET

Cost: Expenses paid

Short film casting for 20-25 year old female.

THEA is a twenty something reporter, who is determined and ambitious. With her father recently missing, Thea works tirelessly to find out what happened, whilst trying to live up to her father’s reputation as a reporter. Due to her inquisitive nature, she slowly starts to unravel clues about her father, but finds out more about her reality than she bargained for.

Required Skills:
Driving (with clean driving licence)

RESET is a period sci-fi short film, set pre millennia. The film centres around a young reporter searching for answers about her father’s disappearance. Thea begins to unravel the clues by speaking to her therapist, but discovers she is being manipulated by an unknown force, and over time starts to question her own reality. Thea’s journey to the truth finds her dealing with more than she ever expected as she’s left with figuring out how to save humanity against a self doubting computer.

Filming will be held in late February/early March on location around Bath, Bristol and Devon. Any expenses for travelling to other places will be covered. There may be shooting into the evening, for night time coverage.





Contact Details

Aiesha Burge


film, short film
Opportunity title: Short Film Casting – RESET
Expiry Date: 2019-02-20T00:00:00+00:00