Physical Actor Training Workshop

Cost: £20

Live Dates: 2nd December 2017

Organiser: Studio of Incorporate Arts

“Embodied Creation: Excavating Invisible Territories”


The second in SIA’s sequence of workshops, “Embodied Creation: Excavating Invisible Territories” focusses on embedding the processes of self-expression through collective dreaming, where storytelling and embodied expression meet in the ensemble.

In SIA’s signature style, the work is set up to enable individual excavation and the harvesting of information for personal research, while nurturing the collective findings of the group and developing the power of the performer within community. 

The workshop is open to actors, theatre-makers, physical theatre practitioners, storytellers and artists across all forms. The work, while physically demanding, is designed to be accessible to all abilties. We welcome diversity of all kinds.

Participants have the opportunity to research the relationship between form and freedom, inner life and outer expression to develop the “body-self”, cultivate storytelling languages and engage with physical training within an ensemble ethos. The training will place emphasis on the principles of presence, truth, and the freedom and spontaneity of the body.

The workshop will be led by SIA directors Henry McGrath and Eleanor Buchan. 

Henry is an associate artist at the internationally acclaimed Polish company, Song of the Goat theatre, and Co-Artistic Director at Animikii theatre, a pioneering physical theatre ensemble based in Manchester. Eleanor is a storyteller, actor and theatre maker, is Co-Artistic Director of The Shadow Travellers, a storytelling company engaged in psycho-symbolic research through shared myths, and Associate Lecturer in contemporary British theatre at Ithaca University, London. 

Date: 7th October 2017

Time: 3pm to 7pm

Location: The Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF

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