Taster Workshop – Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy

Cost: £10.00

Organiser: SOEL

Taster workshop in our course; Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy, at SOEL in Devon. The course is a unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of experiential anatomy through movement, hands on touch and mind.

The focus of the course is the study of traditional anatomy and physiology supported by the complimentary embodied practice of Body-Mind Centering®. Through the exploration of our different structures, tissues and systems we cultivate a greater felt sensation of our self and other discovering how we can maintain better internal well being and balance.

Throughout the course students are supported to discover and develop their own interests & inquiry pertinent to their own life, work and experiences. The approach to teaching and learning is rooted in a somatics movement practice and informed by Whole Person Learning, Holistic Science & Reflective Practicum. The teaching practice and learning experience is inherently creative and includes the following approaches to studying:

  • anatomy models, maps, charts, articles, DVDs & books
  • hands-on-touch, dance and movement integration
  • reflective dialogue, writing and drawing

If you would like to learn more you can email us: info@tsoel.org.uk. Our next taster workshop on 7th September or visit our website: www.tsoel.org.uk/anatomy


SOEL, Dartington Devon



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Opportunity title: Taster Workshop – Holistic Studies in Human Anatomy
Expiry Date: 2019-09-08T00:00:00+01:00