Exeter Bike Shed Theatre Events and Engagement placement

Organiser: The Bike Shed Theatre

The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter has been selected to take part in a flagship scheme to help end middle-class domination of the arts.  As a result we’re able to offer a 12 month contract to work as a full-time Events and Engagement Organiser starting Feb 2018.  Candidates need to fulfil two criteria to be eligible; (1) they have to have received a full maintenance grant for the duration of their degree course and (2) they have to have graduated with a first degree (BA or similar) within the past two years (ie 2015, 2016 or 2017).  

The deadline for applicants is 17th Nov and further details can be found at https://www.bikeshedtheatre.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Events-and-Engagement-Weston-Jerwood-Bursaries.pdf




South West

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kelly johnson


Opportunity title: Exeter Bike Shed Theatre Events and Engagement placement
Expiry Date: 2017-11-17T17:00:00+01:00