Artist Residency and commission: Disruptive intervention for The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

Organiser: The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

“Our museum [he said] should be no curiosity shop, in which dusty specimens ofmoth-eaten, ill-stuffed birds and animals, mummy cases, and ancient pickles shock more senses than one. Wilson also stressed: If it once stagnates it deteriorates; it must have in it an inherent power of expansion and development…”

20 June 1907, Dr. Edward Thomas Wilson


One commission at £12,000. The commission is open to artists or groups of artists that have sufficient proven experience to manage the process of design, fabrication and installation of a work of public art. There is an extra fee of £500 available for 3 day residency expenses.This artist might be based and working anywhere in the UK. We are keen to work with an artist/organisation who may not have created work with or for The Wilson before, to bring challenge and a fresh artistic perspective to the programme.All commission fees are fully inclusive of VAT, time/materials/travel and subsistence etc and are open to individual artists, collaborations and organisations working in any art-form.


About the Trust

The Cheltenham Trust is a registered charity, which was incorporated in May 2014 and obtained charitable status on 19 September 2015. The organisation has a clearly defined charitable purpose encompassing cultural provision, community engagement, learning and health & wellbeing for the benefit of residents and visitors to Cheltenham. The Trust measures impact, socially, culturally and economically.

The Wilson

We want to rethink The Wilson and it’s collections. We want to explore our organisation’s identity and potential and work with our audiences to determine its role in Cheltenham and further afield. Our collections and stories are key to how we want to progress – we want to explore and tell our stories in relevant and fresh ways.In August 2016, The Cheltenham Trust secured more than £273,000 from the Arts Council Museum Resilience Fund. The national fund is designed to support museums to adapt to the rapid pace of change museums face and to ensure they have a sustainable future, and our project is set to deliver an eighteen month programme to broaden engagement, attract new audiences to the museum and support The Wilson as a vibrant sustainable business. This ‘Disruptive Artist’ project forms part of our Resilience activity. All core activity must be completed by March 2018. We foresee this project to be delivered in January / February 2018.

Artists brief

After 3 day residency for R&D at The Wilson and consultation with our audiences, the artist will create and deliver a ‘disruptive’ response to our collection. This process will be facilitated by the Creative Producer. There is an extra fee of £500 available for residency expenses.What you create must be portable (tourable around the local area without specialist transport) and respond directly to our collection. It needs to primarily work outside of our building, with options to work in our education centre or main reception. The work should be visually intriguing and curious, so as to naturally attract attention in a school or high street. It needs to tell the stories of our collection in new and relevant ways. We are particularly interested in co or user curation and ‘new’ or ‘less heard’ voices. We are open to a variety of working styles including performance or visual art.There will be a launch event in Jan / Feb 2018 in which the artist will attend and present their work.The work must standalone after the artist has left the project. It must be able to be operated by volunteers or staff after the initial project launch. This might include the creation of a costume or script that can be easily transferred to new volunteers or staff members. Perhaps it has a training manual with suggested patter. The work must be robust and relevant for at least 3 years – it must be able to develop around cultural influences and changes.

Project Timeline

September 2017: Artist call out issued

October 24th 2017: Deadline for submissions

W/C 23rd October: Selection completed

November / December (negotiable): 3 day residency

January / February 2018 (negotiable): Delivery of work / launch event

Application process

Submit by 9am October 24th 2017

PDF format

To apply for this commission, we require a short proposal (no more than 3 pages) containing:• An initial sketch or design• An artist’s statement describing the theme / idea• A brief description of fabrication and installation methods• An initial budget breakdown• A CV and/or evidence of previous work

Submissions and Contact: [email protected] Producer

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Opportunity title: Artist Residency and commission: Disruptive intervention for The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum
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