Ballet Dancers to Dance Supporting Lead Roles

Job Title:               Male & Female Dancers for Leading Soloist Roles

Ages:                     Open

Technical Level:    Intermediate to Advanced

When:                    Rehearsals begin in January 2018

Where:                   Bristol (to be confirmed)

Days:                      Saturday

Time:                      TBC + All Day in lead up to performances



For our first project we are presenting the romantic classical ballet ‘Giselle’. We are looking for the following…

  • Two Male Dancers – One to portray the role of Hilarion, and the other to be the male counterpart of ‘The Peasant Pas de Deux’
  • Two Female Dancers – One to portray the role of Myrtha and the other to be the female counterpart of ‘The Peasant Pas de Deux’
  • Must have strong acting skills (or confidence and willingness to learn)
  • Females are required to be strong and confident en pointe and able to maintain this throughout all their work, and in standing on stage for long periods
  • Males should both be strong enough to maintain their energy levels and an ability to engage in supported adage (Pas de Deux) work consistently
  • Willingness to learn the art of Pas de Deux (if this is not already known to the applicants)
  • Serious commitment
  • Willing to engage with Performance Enhancement Coaching and guidance
  • Strong love of classical ballet and desire to perform and ‘give’ something of their self to audiences



West Coast Ballet Theatre

“Classical Ballet  –  Danced with Love, Heartfelt Passion and a Soulful Spirit”

The dancers of West Coast Ballet Theatre are the material (people) upon which ‘Dance Artists’ creates it work. The dancers are all paying members who gain essential vocational experience dancing and learning to be an artist. WCBT is an organisation for honing the art of performance in an environment reflective of the vocation of a ballet-dancer.

Dance Artists

“Creative Artists – Collaborating to bring to Life a Spark of Inspiration that longs to be Created”

A team of Creative Artists including students, emerging, experienced, and amateur enthusiasts in technical theatre, visual arts (photography and film), wardrobe and costuming, arts marketing and audience development; and digital/social media buffs – all collaborating to bring full-length and one-act traditional classical ballets as well as new and original ballet-theatre to the stage in live performances in Bristol and the local region, South Wales, and London.

Both ‘West Coast Ballet Theatre’ and ‘Dance Artists’ are cultural organisations not operated for profit and who employ no permanent or contracted paid staff. We do our work with financial loans, grants, funding, sponsorship and membership fees.



Please write to us via email, including the following…

  • Basic details about you
  • Where you are with your ballet training – standard, grade, training method, number of classes etc.
  • Tell us what role you would like to portray and why you would like to take on this role
  • Tell us about the dancers, ballet companies and ballet productions that you particularly admire and which inspire you as a dancer
  • Tell us about your own personal feelings and perspectives about classical ballet
  • What do you feel your strengths are
  • What do you feel your weaknesses are
  • What would you like to develop the most
  • What do you think might be the most challenging thing about taking on this role, and being a member of WCBT
  • What do you think you would gain the most by taking on and experiencing this role
  • What experiences like this have you already had, or what you may have done before that may have prepared you for taking on this role
  • What do you feel about the philosophy of ‘West Coast Ballet Theatre’ and ‘Dance Artists’
  • A letter of recommendation from your current ballet teacher who feels that you are capable of taking on this role/part* (*Don’t worry if this is not possible or is awkward at this time, just let us know)
  • Your contact details and any other information you feel is relevant

You DO NOT need to provide a CV or Portfolio. We are not interested in exam marks, just seeing you dance and perform! Your application email should be sent to:   [email protected]



We will be holding Joining Days later in the year. Where we will meet and greet, chat and get to know each other. We’ll talk about our work, and you can decide if this is what you really want or not. We’ll also want to see your dancing. This will be in a lovely, warm, enjoyable and friendly ‘simple’ class – so that you can relax and let go, be yourself, and dance from your heart. We’ll also want to see how you perform, so we’ll be expecting a short solo routine to be ‘performed’ on the day. Something that is ‘you’ and shows you to your best (and not to impress!). For Leading Soloists we’ll also coach you in some of the actual work from our production of ‘Giselle’ and see how you respond to the work. All females will have to perform their solo variations en pointe. We aim for it to be a lovely and exciting time for all involved – and not a stressful, anxious or competitive time! We just want to find beautiful, loving dancers who dance with their heart! Details about Joining Days will follow and be sent to you in due course. In the meantime you can check out our websites:

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be holding open ‘cattle-call’ auditions, so it would be pointless attending for ‘experience only’ as you’ll be wasting yours and our time.





Contact Details

West Coast Ballet Theatre
[email protected]
07504 209861

Opportunity title: Ballet Dancers to Dance Supporting Lead Roles
Expiry Date: 2018-01-31T17:00:00+00:00