3rd Stage Dance Company

Bristol based dance company offering classes and performance.

3rd Stage is a very special group of dedicated dancers who work together with musicians, composers, film makers and actors. We are all from a variety of backgrounds and we share our experience, skills and knowledge.

The core of 3rd Stage is the dance. Mostly made of contemporary style 3rd Stage produce unique choreography from highly experienced dancers and choreographers. There is often a clear balletic essence as many of the group are former ballet dancers. Together we embellish the spirit of movement. We learn and work on what the music might offer us in order to influence the purpose behind our performances.

The music of 3rd Stage breathes the life into the dance. We are honoured to be given a delicious mix of music from some extraordinary musicians and composers. The musicians delight in seeing their music being used in the performances.

3rd Stage provides a safe and kind environment for dancers who are returning to dance. It is a place where dancers, who have maybe come from a professional background but have found themselves on a different life path, can consider finding their identity again through classes, choreography and performance. Dance remains in the blood, no matter what other experiences life presents. 3rd Stage understands and respects people’s curiosity and need to return to dance. 3rd Stage keep dancers dancing.