Apocalyptic Circus – founded 2012

Apocalyptic Circus was founded in December 2012 out of the ashes of humanity. Producing intriguing, challenging, thought provoking and convention breaking circus based theatre for your delight and entertainment.

Linn Broden is from Sweden, she specialises in slack rope and dance acrobatics. She trained at the Dance and Circus University in Stockholm. She moved to Bristol in the autumn of 2011. Check out www.linnbroden.com for images and videos!

Tom Richmond is a British lighting designer and technician. He graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2004, and has been mostly based in Bristol ever since. 

Kajsa Bohlin, also from Sweden, is a poet, clown, acrobat and director. She graduated from the Dance and Circus University along with Linn in 2010. She has her own solo show called Reality’s Neighbour. More info at www.kajsabohlin.com.

Alex Stoloff is a bristol based composer who worked alongside the creative team on “Push Me, Pull You!” to create the sublime soundtrack. More from him at www.getgoodmusic.net.