Bristol Biennial

Bristol Biennial is an artist-led festival that celebrates exciting and engaging projects by talented emerging artists.

In 2014, the festival takes ‘Crossing the Line’ as its theme, exploring artistic boundaries and encouraging collaboration across the city.

Bristol Biennial 2014 is proud to be supported by Arts Council England

In September, over 40 artists take over Bristol, interrupting everyday spaces and sparking conversations that cross the city. Artworks will pop up where you least expect them: churches, shopping malls, community centres, terraced houses, high streets and more. From interactive exhibitions and moving sculptures to a secret music gig and unusual guided tours, Bristol Biennial has something for everyone!

If you’re a fan of Bristol’s green spaces, watch out! St Andrews Park and the Northern Slopes will play host to an ancient uprising of Grass Men. Witness a performative and sculptural intervention by artist Ashley Peevor.

Meanwhile, fountains in the city centre will be transformed into a temporary cranberry farm. Artists Hanna & Julia Rohn will make a colourful intervention in Bristol’s harbourside, highlighting both the aesthetics and politics of mass food production.

Fancy a bus trip to the unknown? Artist Ting-Tong Chang invites you to board a bus in central Bristol, be dropped off at a mystery location and find your way home from the outskirts of the city. Blind Chance connects spiritual displacement and modern capital.

Take a different kind of journey with eclectic artist collective, Sondryfolk. There will be food, there will be drink, there will be music. The rest is top secret! Join an offbeat adventure with a motley crew, to reclaim overlooked parts of the city.

And neon artwork I’M STAYING by Shaun C Badham is on the move. Over 800 members of the public have chosen the next location of the work and Bristol’s much-loved Folk House are the winners. Celebrate the move with a free party at Folk House on Friday 12 September at 7pm, to launch the Biennial and switch on the lights!

The festival is family-friendly with many free events, alongside some ticketed talks and performances.