As a company we strive to get the best from all of our dancers with fun energetic classes that leave you wanting more. We pride ourselves on teamwork, trust and loyalty and expect that from all our dancers.
As part of B&NES Youth Dance Company you need to be a driven, committed, passionate dancer, with a thirst to learn and move. You need to want to take responsibility for your learning e.g. warm up when you arrive, wear the correct dance clothes and embrace choreographic challenges.

As a company we aim to ignite in our dancers…
TRUST. To work well together and trust each other
CONFIDENCE. To take part in regular performances and have confidence in your own ability.
RESPONSIBILITY. To be responsible for their bodies development- warm-up, stretch, live a healthy lifestyle, wear the correct clothing.
INSPIRATION. To be inspired by different choreographers and dancers.
DESIRE. The desire to keep training in contemporary dance to a higher level.

We aim to do this by…
INSPIRING. Young people to engage and develop their skills in Contemporary Dance through working with professionals, partnering with the University Dance Department and delivering exciting workshops.
NURTURING: A pilot youth dance company that responds and evolves to the needs of the participants and the local area.
SUPPORTING: Listening to and supporting the dancers in their aims, dreams and development.
SIGNPOSTING: Aspiring young dancers to access specialist knowledge, expertise and high quality opportunities.


Bath Spa Lecturer- Duet Module

Portfolio image: Peppered Frills - Bath Spa Lecturer- Duet Module
‘Choreographing the Body Duet Module’- Introducing students to using breath, improvisation, contact improv., text, props, costume and site-specific elements within their choreography. Students must produce a high quality duet/trio through exploration of the skills they have learnt in the sessions.

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Bath Big Dance Event

Portfolio image: Peppered Frills - Bath Big Dance Event
Big Dance is the UK’s biggest celebration of all types of dance, for all ages and abilities. Big Dance was set up in 2006 and was created to celebrate and bring dance to the streets. You can read about Big Dance and see its legacy on the website Dance 2012 was the UK’s biggest ever celebration of dance with over 3,500 events taking place across the country.rnrnThe Big Dance Pledge is a 3-minute dance routine choreographed by a professional dance company that anyone can do – regardless of age or experience. rnrnSetting up BIG DANCE Bath, has brought four community groups together to dance and perform as a Flashmob, bringing dance to the city streets.

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Bu0026NES Youth Dance Company

Portfolio image: Peppered Frills - Bu0026NES Youth Dance Company
I proposed to in a funding bid that my dance company- Peppered Frills Dance works in partnership with Bath Spa University to develop the vision of a Bu0026NES Youth Dance Company. A Youth Company that would support young people’s aspirations, support Bath Dance’s mission to make dance visible in Bu0026NES, as well as develop passion in young people to access Contemporary Dance and take it to a higher level.rnrnFrom this, we got the funding and have worked for the last 6 months to develop Bu0026NES Youth Dance Company.rnrnThe company are now up and running and thriving! We have performed locally and regionally, worked with professional dance companies, had a film maker come and work with us and are about to embark on more performances. All in the last three months…Bring on the rest of the year!

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