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Circomedia celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016 and we are delighted to have a whole host of events and classes running throughout the year. We are proud of our history and now boast of being an internationally renowned centre of excellence for circus-theatre and the oldest professional circus school in the UK. Our city centre space is the award winning St Paul’s Church, a 164-seater venue presenting a diverse range of national and international circus, dance and physical theatre companies as well as a comprehensive range of classes and workshops for all ages.


Indelible – Circomedia BTEC

After two years of education and training, our BTEC graduates present their final performance. Looking at what is special and unique about themselves, the friends they have made and their time at Circomedia, these young people will investigate what makes something memorable. Join them for a night of circus and physical theatre as they share the memories that have not only changed them but become a part of them.

When In Roam

‘when in roam’ is a multi-arts exciting work which explores the theme of home and belonging using humour and poignant storytelling. 

Bristol Pride Circus Night

Pride Circus Night is a spellbinding show organised to help fundraise for Bristol Pride. This cabaret grants the audience a chance to look into to talented and high skilled acts that performers from the LGBTQ+ circus community have created.