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DMAC UK hosts a huge range of dance and movement, percussion and martial arts classes at the InAlignment Studios in Bristol’s Stokes Croft.

DMAC UK hosts a huge range of dance and movement, percussion and martial arts classes at the InAlignment Studios in Bristol’s Stokes Croft.

Variety is key to us at DMAC. We have a range of classes that includes African Dance, Drumming, Belly Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Capoeira Angola, Yoga, Tango, Ballet & Ballates, Salsa, Zumba, Hip Hop, Pilates, Self-Defense, Meditation, Choir, Nia Dance, Flamenco and more. Each class is run by an experienced teacher who will share their love of dance and movement in a welcoming environment.


Arts & Music in Education

DMAC UK has a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to engage young people in accessible, educational and expressive art forms. Our expert facilitators offer high quality workshops in African Dance, Animation/film making, Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Drama, Drumming, Ka-zimba, Street Dance and Zumba.

The non-discriminatory nature of our workshops provides the scope to harness the natural abilities of all participants regardless of any learning or physical difficulty. We offer a transformative approach to learning which can build a bridge to their academic world.

Through music and artistic expression, workshops are specifically aimed at teaching children the values of living together in harmony and celebrating both our differences and our commonalities.

We use the tried and tested principles of spontaneity, fun, fitness, cooperation and above all, unity, ultimately contributing to the pupil’s spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, physical and cultural development – key values that are necessary in today’s modern world.

As well as providing authenticity within our various artforms and disciplines, DMAC UK understands and recognises the necessity for individual and group empowerment.

Time will be taken for individual interpretations, leadership and personal stories, which encourage those who may struggle to express themselves through spoken word alone. Non-verbal communication transcends language barriers and helps to create respect and a deeper understanding for one another.

DMAC UK currently delivers drumming and dance workshops at Hillcrest School in Bristol, a weekly afterschool club in Capoeira at the DMAC studios and is a project partner in Mama Africa, delivering a unique Black History Month for schools in Bristol.





Mama Africa Project

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Mama Africa is a dance and music project delivered through primary schools workshops exploring the global influence of African arts.

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InAlignment Studios 1 and 2

Bringing physical arts to the community. Our aim is to create a sense of community and of reciprocal benefits, so that rather than a simple studio hire relationship, we engender something much more powerful and exciting. We’re committed to pushing these arts forwards, making this kind of teaching part of a realistic career choice with real community benefits. We feel that the arts we offer can enrich and broaden our life experience, whatever our age or background. We want to bring these arts to as many people as possible, indeed we feel it’s a vital part of modern living, to get in touch with ourselves, increase our self confidence and find our groove. Classes at DMAC fall widely under the umbrella of physical arts. This space is excellent to hire if you are a dance or music teacher, health and fitness, yoga or pilates or martial arts teacher We are also interested to host drama and film courses, after-school clubs, morning classes for toddlers, lunchtime fitness sessions, really anything that would work in the studio space and that feels like part of the DMAC vibration.