Fizzy Forest (Events, Decor, Parties)

With the rise of Happy Daze, Monkey Dance and Tech Yes Fizzy Forest was born, supplying their nights with progressively funkier decor. From painting some animals on card to huge 3D applique flowers and a spider with a speaker cone in his behind, to hosting the main room in Lakota at the Mayan Mashup, Fizzy Forest is now filling whole clubs with extravagant features. We regular other such nights as Jungle Syndicate, Sound of the Underground, Hibiki, Gearfest, Lower the Tone and 12:34 Productions. So far this year we are also looking forward to decorating festivals like Boomtown Fair, Secret Garden Party , 5D and Planet Shroom festival and Balter Festival. For more info about what we do, to hire decor or to get involved please do get in touch.

We deliver a high quality visual experience of handmade bespoke décor to events and private parties. Our decor is mostly themed to jungle and forest parties, although we do take commissions as well and can tailor to almost any theme.


Our decor consists mostly of psychedelic, ultra violet applique and wire features, using recycled materials when possible. This includes a giant dragon, a large spider, three large flowers and three small flowers, six large vines, around 50meters of leaf bunting and small, medium and large mushroom seats and much more. We have one UV cannon and some spot lights to light the decor at night.


We follow Health and Safety standards and offer our decor at a fair and competitive price. For price list and order forms please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The Mayan Mashup

Portfolio image: Fizzy Forest (Events, Decor, Parties) - The Mayan Mashup
Our first time promoting a club night, we worked alongside two of our favorite promoters, Happy Daze and Monkey Dance to create The Mayan Mashup. Three rooms in Lakota, Fizzy Forest hosted the main stage and provided all of the decor throughout the club.

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Monkey Dance Walkabout at Mischief festival 2013

Portfolio image: Fizzy Forest (Events, Decor, Parties) - Monkey Dance Walkabout at Mischief festival 2013
Monkey Dance Crew got silly at Mischief festival in 2013, watch the video to see what happened to the bananas!rnrnWe can bring our walkabout to any event just get in touch.

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