Goat’s Head Magazine

Goat’s Head Magazine is an online, Bristol-based arts magazine.

Goat’s Head Magazine

We started Goat’s Head Magazine because we wanted to read and write creative, thoughtful, challenging, recondite, frivolous, and beautiful responses to works of art. Essays, reflections, criticism, stories – we love writing that’s both about art and artful.

Our responses to art performed, curated, or seen in Bristol aspire to more than starred-reviews. We want to ask the questions that nobody else asks. We believe that writing should be personal and reflective, a slow crystallisation of thought and feeling that takes time to emerge. So we won’t ever get the first word in, and we would hate for there to be a last word, but we do want the best words.

Given the choice between publishing writing that a hundred people like or that one person loves, we will always choose the latter. We want our readers to be challenged, provoked, and never patronised by what they read. We want writers to find a place where their work will reach a wide audience, including the artists they write about.

Goat’s Head was created and is edited by Rosemary Wagg & Lucian Waugh. Our artwork was hand-drawn by Rosie McLay: http://www.rosiemclay.com.

We accept submissions on visual art, performance, theatre, literature, dance and music (especially orchestral and jazz).  For all enquiries and submissions, please email [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter @GoatsHeadMag and see our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/goatsheadmagazine