Holly Stoppit Workshops

Holly Stoppit’s Workshops are designed to be of benefit to both professional performers and people seeking self-development.
Through a carefully paced progression of games and exercises, participants experience a unique approach to clown skills training, with it’s roots in Mindfulness and it’s tendrils in irreverence.

Holly’s workshops help participants to discover / develop their vulnerable, quirky inner clowns, cultivate a direct, personal connection with themselves, each other and their audiences, finding their own quality of audacious playfulness. These skills can be used within any performance context to achieve a richer, braver, deeper, more truthful, wide awake quality.

As a qualified dramatherapist, during the courses, Holly is able to offer participants opportunities to reflect upon and improve their relationship with the states of play, flow and courageous vulnerability.

Previous students include: circus performers, experienced actors, directors, engineers, artists, academics, health care professionals, social workers, teachers, shop workers and students.

Holly Stoppit Workshops are now also curating some workshops by other facilitators that it is felt will be of benefit to her students.

“100% recommended…I find Holly Stoppit’s workshops inspiring and energising, challenging, well held in a safe environment. Better than a holiday!”