Jacob Bryant

My name is Jacob Bryant
I am a student at Weston college who has set up a small group with fellow students.
We have a variety of people who would love any experience in the media industry.
We call ourselves Paradox Studios

We offer directors, set managers, writers, Animators, editors and camera Operators + we would be happy to help on set in general.

If you would be interested in hiring someone out please go to my website listed below to hire us out.

We are always on the look out for talented actors to be in our projects at college too. (Each time we do a project our group is different with a different name.)



1st Documentary

Portfolio image: Jacob Bryant - 1st Documentary
Created a documentary on the controversial subject; should cannabis be legalised in the UK

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3 Genre Project

Portfolio image: Jacob Bryant - 3 Genre Project
Created a short film in which the video transitioned to represent three different genres of film.

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TV Advert

Portfolio image: Jacob Bryant - TV Advert
We created a short TV Advert in which we advertised GoPro the well known extreme sports camera. We tried to gain access to a bigger market by making it more appropriate to a general audience.

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