Jilted Pig

Jilted Pig are an inventive, energetic and surprising theatre company. Our work brings together a love of comedy and improvisation with fast-paced storytelling and circus. Since 2010 we have been making street theatre and walkabout shows, as well as performances for indoor venues. We are currently working on our first full-length indoor show, A Cosy Murder.


A Cosy Murder

Portfolio image: Jilted Pig - A Cosy Murder
When Doctor Sturgeon is found murdered aboard a fishing boat, Constable Pike and Detective Forsyth set out in pursuit of the ruthless killer.rnSpurred on by a love of Agatha Christie novels and an unhealthy interest in Cluedo, Jilted Pig interweave comedy, circus and a life-sized game of Guess Who in this fast-paced murder mystery.rnExpect confusion, plot twists, lightning quick character changes and a very long rope.

Poste de Resistance

Portfolio image: Jilted Pig - Poste de Resistance
In a time of social change, two revolutionary postal workers have been forced underground in a desperate bid to keep the post office alive. Armed with a belief in the magic of post, they are fighting against the barrage of effortless communication that happens at the click of a button. Set in the back of a transformed van, the Poste de Resistance is performed to a limited audience who are seen by the postal workers as both customers and co-conspirators. Jilted Pig draw the audience into their unexpected world in this innovative, interactive and immersive performance.