Restless Theatre

A playful multi-disciplinary approach to performing stories old and new.

‘Restless Theatre’s … work travels well, whether to a classroom, village hall, pub or your living room. I came away refreshed and smiling.’ – Remotegoat, 4 stars



Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Othello
‘The play is endlessly clever, accumulating into an awesome finale.’            4 stars, oracle.rnrnNeglected for promotion, in favour of the younger and less experienced Cassio, Iago seeks revenge. Follow Iago as he masterminds a desperate plot to get Cassio demoted, and turn Othello against her bisexual wife Desdemona.  Recasting Othello as a female CEO, this production explores topical themes of homosexuality, bisexuality and sexual prejudice.

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Much Ado About Nothing

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Much Ado About Nothing
Restless Theatre’s … work travels well, whether to a classroom, village hall, pub or your living room. I came away refreshed and smiling.’rnRemotegoat ****rnrnWhen Claudio returns from war he finds that his thoughts have turned to marriage.  To while away the days before the wedding, his friend Don Pedro proposes a plan to induce confirmed bachelor Benedick into a match with his long-time sparring partner, Beatrice.  However, when Claudio thinks he sees his betrothed with another man, his jealousy derails the wedding, leaving Benedick and Beatrice to reunite the lovers.

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Monstrous Love

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Monstrous Love
This two person show derived from experiences of domestic violence, explored what happens when love goes wrong. Mixing collage with new writing, this production traced the abuse from small, easy to dismiss incidents through a gradual escalation that finally trapped both partners in a destructive cycle. Performed at Camden People’s Theatre and Exeter Phoenix 2009. The Exeter Performance was kindly sponsored by Hartnell Chanot Family Law Specialists.rnCombining new writing with collage techniques drawing on the works of Shakespeare, Cibber and Fletcher, the production presented both sides of the story, exploring how people can be motivated to monstrous actions in the name of love.

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Merchant of Venice

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Merchant of Venice
In this adaption, which retained the vibrancy of Shakespeare’s verse, Patrick Romer played Shylock as a father struggling to maintain his Jewish customs and beliefs, and protect his young daughter from the temptations of a liberal British society with a booming economy in the 1980’s. 

Stormy Weather

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Stormy Weather
A collaboratively explored and devised adaptation of King Lear set in the kitchen of Gloucester’s House. As the Lears’ and their solicitors, Gloucester u0026 Sons, battled to resolve the dispute caused by Lord Lear’s division of his Estate, the servants gossip in the kitchen eventually turned to imagining gruesome endings as old scores were settled.

Point Blank

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Point Blank
Point Blank by Amelia Marriette (2012)rnCommissioned to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the play was recorded at Exeter Northcott, and broadcast on Riviera FM (June, 2012) and Soundart Radio (September, 2012).rnSet on the Western Front in France during the First World War and Torquay in 1977, the play is based on a true story.rn

Network Tales

Portfolio image: Restless Theatre - Network Tales
‘This original and inventive production by Restless Theatre takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of modern day life.’ The Daily Fringe rnrnDiscover the people around you . . .rnEver wondered who you are sitting next to on the train? Do overheard conversations, unusual luggage and first impressions make you ponder? Have you ever invented a story about your fellow passengers? Let us carry you away on a madcap train journey of love, grief and mystery as our imagination follows a group of strangers travelling from Plymouth to Exeter. What Network Tales will you discover?rnrnAs a company with members in both Devon and Cornwall, at least half the company have to travel to get to each rehearsal, and this piece has been inspired by that experience, and the temptation to create stories about fellow passengers in response to brief glimpses into their lives. The performance contrasts the tales that the Train Manager (Richard Knox) imagines in response to these brief glimpses, with the real everyday tragedies and comedies of the passengers lives.

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