South West Silents

South West Silents is a regional film organisation that specialises in screening films from the silent era. Born out of the volunteer organisation Bristol Silents, we are becoming established as a leader in screening silent film. With expert knowledge of pre-sound cinema, a diverse combined experience in archive film programming, and extensive contacts in both the global archive film networks including festivals, archives and musicians, we aim to be the first and best point of contact for all matters involving silent cinema in the region.

South West Silents aim to celebrate the history of cinema and share our passion and enthusiasm for silent film with anyone and everyone, not only in the South West of England but in the wider UK and world. We want to keep silent film alive for future generations, inspiring as many people as possible with the wonderful world of silent film. Through providing high quality and innovative film screenings and events, educational programmes and restorations we aim to develop younger and more diverse audiences for this unique art form.