Space Monkeys Improv

The Bristol based community improv group produce nights and productions of improv comedy and improv theatre.

Scratch the Attic has a new guest every time, every time insightfully funny. This team of improvisers scratch around the metaphorical attic of their monologist for the comedy wonders.


We also have Release Night where we use local musicians/performers that beatbox with a loop and we improvise a whole album and put it online. This can be the open mic in Gallimaufry (and others) for the time being.


Harold begins with one suggestion from the audience. A duo fully explore the suggestion through scenes and games, creating stories, characters and relationships that eventually weave together seamlessly, all from theme that derived from the audience.


We also have A Cappella: an improvised musical where we improvise 45 minute musical with a choir – no instruments and three improvisers with the local choir backing.


Garwood and Keates is a twoprov production that was inspired back in 2012 by the wonderful David Razowsky. The show has toured a little now and shall be back regularly soon.


The name Space Monkeys came from an audience suggestion of one of our first ever a cappella musical we did together in Bristol. The full title suggestion was Space Monkeys Bicycle.