Spontaneous Theatre Company

Spontaneous Theatre Company creates live theatrical productions; uses applied improv for professionals in corporate training; training for teachers (CPD).

Spontaneous Theatre Company creates live theatrical productions; uses applied improv training for professionals (corporate); training for teachers (CPD).

Applied improv is a technique developed in the theatre but is now widely used by successful professionals to enhance their skills in the corporate and education sectors. Accomplishing even a basic understanding of the techniques will naturally improve communication, boost creative problem solving, and furthermore it’s actually fun.

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Creating live theatre is at the heart of Spontaneous Theatre’s productions. We create diverse and integral theatre that uses the art of liveness and spontaneity to its most advantageous. We also reach youth with improv comedy.

Spontaneous Youth are helping you, the young people of today, be more spontaneous, leading you to greater aptitude in many areas of life; increasing social, emotional intelligence and building self-worth and opinion to be able to access the height of your comedic self.



Training for Professionals

Portfolio image: Spontaneous Theatre Company  - Training for Professionals
‘Ideation Quickly – the best ideas now’rnIf you have a need to arrive at new innovative ideas quickly, then we will make that happen.rnrn‘Work staff seem to be ineffective: cutting-edge leadership for collaborative staff’rnIf the work your staff are achieving seems to be spiralling downwards and if any changes made seem to ineffective, then we can offer your leadership new ways to motivate, communicate with and get the best out of your staff.rnrn‘Gritty conversations, not in here please! Problem Solved’rnIf you have different people with opposing opinions in your workplace, problematic situations will occur. There is no need to make it a problem, let us make it a positive and progressive aspect for your staff.

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Training for Teachers

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We help teachers impart the necessary skills to their pupil premium students and the whole school through applied techniques of theatre and spontaneity, which arrives through increased awareness; use of connectivity (social and cognitive); collaboration and integration; an open and positive learning environment; increased emotional comprehension. This leads to a greater aptitude in many subjects as well as aiding personal development.

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