Surefire Circus Theatre

Surefire is a collection of circus and fire performers with a strong base in Bristol. Working on a range of pieces we combine dance, acrobatics, and manipulation to create interesting and visually stimulating pieces.

Surefire was founded to provide a professional outlet for a range of creative fire and circus performers around the UK. It wa sonly natural that we establish a strong base in Bristol given the creative and diverse range of performers based in this amazing city. 

Surefire specialise in creating circus based peices, both abstract and theatrical. Our work is targetted at a range of markets, some of our peices are designed to be slick and tight for the corporate market, whilst others more daring and thought provoking.

We would label what we do as movement work, in that we often focus on the peice as a whole and the image created, rather than on the individual performer. Whilst our peices demonstrate high levels of personal skill this is always a secondary consideration. 


Fire Show

Portfolio image: Surefire Circus Theatre - Fire Show
Surefire’s choreographed fire show works with either four or five performers and is a spectacle of movement and fire. Following our ethos of focusing on the whole picture as a single image rather than a collection of individual performers this piece makes dynamic use of space and is tightly choreographed to music.rnrnA range of fire skills (fire hoop, fire poi, fire staff, and more) are combined with acrobatics and movement.

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