Tea-Powered Theatre

Tea-Powered Theatre aims to support and work with aspiring artists, writers and dramatists to produce their crafts while enjoying the finest warm beverage.

Greetings and welcome to Tea-Powered Theatre,
We are a Bristol based organisation that began as a theatre company with a double-bill at Bierkeller Theatre in July 2014. Over the course of 2015 our founder, Rupert Bathurst, has been enrolled as part of the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, to help stregthen the business whilst brewing plans for the future. Our eventual goal to open a Steampunk Tea Shop Theatre in Bristol city centre in the coming years.

We are a Bristol based trader with a plan to launch a theatrical tea emporium in the city centre in the not to distant furture.
We aim to be a not for profit organisation with the intent of working with students, steampunks, writers and dramatists to produce artistic works, whilst enjoying the finest warm beverage of the former British empire: Tea.

We are launched the company with a joint production of Not Smart by Wilbur Daniel Steele and Jerome Bixby’s Man From Earth in July 2014 at the Bierkeller theatre, in association with UWE Drama Society and Makeshift Wings. Since then we have started our Teatre sessions, a cream tea followed by theatrical performance. The first of which was in June 2015, featuring Oscar Wither’s The White Room. We are in the process of developing our second session, a showcase excerpt of the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, due to be performed early November.