The British Red Cross Youth and Schools team for Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucester.

The Youth and Schools tream delivers Humanitarian Education sessions with young people. The workshops exlpore issues and values that enable young people to understand, cope with and respond to crisis. Our workshops are designed to help young people recognise and overcome the barriers to helping others and develop skills and abilities to help themselves. We work with 5 core themes:

– conflict and its consequences (which includes refugee awareness)

– health ( mainly focussing on HIV)

– Disasters and emergencies

– Humanitarianism

Our facilitators use a variety of creative skills to engage young people and we
encourage volunteers to help us develop, support and deliver our sessions.

Our team is made up of two European Voluntary Service interns, a conflict specialist, a drama specialist, a youth leadership specialist and first aid eduacators.  We are also supported by a variety of volunteers from a range of sectors.

We look forward to welcoming more volunteers in to the team to help us make high quality interactive humanitarian education for young people.