The Ding Foundation

The Ding Foundation is a visual theatre company that uses objects, physical performance, original music and puppetry. We play with these elements to tell strange stories, about imaginary characters, creatures and places. We make devised theatre, with design- inspired by textures & found objects, and original sound design. We have made three touring productions all captivating audiences by generating atmospheres that allow the audience to engage with a largely wordless visual narrative, like a 4d collage.
We have toured extensively round the UK & to Holland and Poland.

The Ding Foundation was founded in 2001 by Amelia Pimlott & Simon Plumridge through a shared interest in pupptery and object theatre. They made ‘Being a Bird” with musician Hannah Marshall and The Ding Foundation was fully formed. The have toured extensively around the UK and in europe performing their shows. Audiences have been enthralled to their kind of theatre, often dark, telling starnge stories about characters from their imagination, and using all the possibilities of visual theatre to serve the story and feed the imagination of the audience.


Hanging by a Thread

Portfolio image: The Ding Foundation - Hanging by a Thread
‘Hanging by a Thread’ is a piece of wordless visual theatre that has toured extensively round the Uk. It tells a story of two women, an old woman, who has sewn herself into a bed, a tapestry of jumpers that comes to life forming a landscape and emitting animals and bodies, and a young woman who is looking after the old woman, obsessed with yellow flowers. The show explores themes of death, control, memory and loss. It centres around a moving bed that seems to have a life of it’s own.

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Unexploded Bomb

Portfolio image: The Ding Foundation - Unexploded Bomb
This was the Ding Foundations 2nd production. Set in the interior of a house that a bomb had hit. The audience was invited into a place where chairs had a menacing life of their own, paper babies were born and a mysterious dress sat sewing under the stairs. A man enters the house to dispose of the bomb, but instead unearthed puzzling secrets and ghosts.

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Being a bird

Portfolio image: The Ding Foundation - Being a bird
The Ding Foundation’s 1st production. The story of a bird trapped inside a house, who had forgotten what it meant to be a bird. The set was a quarter size dutch wharf house made from reclaimed materials, from which hatches and windows opened apertures to view a collection of bird characters and situations and the menacing presence of human beings as they manipulated their world inside.

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Wild Life

Portfolio image: The Ding Foundation - Wild Life
Wild Life is a production in development. It’s a story of urban isolation. An office worker living alone, is forced to face her inner wild nature as she confronts something that has taken over her small flat. Using puppetery and a transforming set we are inviting the audience to look closely at the familiar and the bizarre to see what happens when they collide.

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