The Ruffled Umbrella Company

The Ruffled Umbrella Company is an emerging ensemble that produces fresh and exciting work, ranging from new-writing to reworked classics. Ruffled Umbrella performances absorb and envelop the audience into the world of the play, telling the story from within the core of the action. The spaces are converted, and the audience is literally surrounded by the world of the play, so that they feel connected to the action and the characters.

The Ruffled Umbrella Company is an emerging theatre company based in Bath.In the short time that we have been running, we have won several Awards, including an international award for ‘best show’ at a Festival d’Hiver in Paris, with our production of ‘Dinner’. There are two main strands to Ruffled Umbrella; Performance and Outreach. We perform Shakespeare at Corporate Events, we assist with Corporate Training and we have an extensive Education programme – working both in the curriculum and in extra curricular activities. We are also available to work to Commissions. For more information on our Outreach programmes click here.