Unique Voice CIC

“Using Drama to Enhance Learning.”

At Unique Voice we aim to improve children’s and young people’s confidence and self-esteem, encouraging them to make positive decisions while ensuring that they feel safe and supported.

We believe that understanding emotions, developing social skills and having a strong awareness of potential challenges are invaluable lessons to learn and to build strong, respectful communities.

We are proud to be supported by NSPCC, Bristol City Council and patron Sir Patrick Stewart, our performances, classes and workshops, sensitively tackle topics like bullying, relationships, e-safety and domestic abuse. Raising young people self-confidence, self-esteem and aspiration.

‘Hello I’m Sir Patrick Stewart and I’m a patron of Unique Voice. I became a patron because I strongly believe in the work Unique Voice does for and with young people. I grew up in a household where respect for others was not always a high priority. For me there was no valuable role model or example setter. Also Unique Voice is a theatre company and I have been an actor for more than 50 years. I’m very impressed with the way they work; their dedication, their good humour and their powerful communication skills. The themes and actions in their work help young people to understand and deal with complex pressures of relationships and of friendships. When young people do not have a sympathetic and experienced person to share their feelings and needs, then with loneliness and peer pressure, it can lead to bad choices. Unique Voice provides a living, vivid platform for drama, discussion and learning.”

Sir Patrick Stewart, 13th February 2014

What we do…

Through drama and other creative mediums we help children and young people to explore many complicated topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, the role of young carers, the different types of bullying, domestic violence and internet safety. Our goals include respecting others, building emotional resilience and encouraging aspirations.

We understand that the world changes rapidly, and because of this we ensure that every single one of our projects is strongly influenced by the children we work with.

We do not claim to know all the issues that young people face or exactly how to deal with them, instead we are in constant communication with young people, asking, listening, learning and working to find solutions which really fit for them.

As a result of our growing reputation for providing consistently sound and practical workshops, we are regularly invited by many different community groups and schools to help in different ways. We have demonstrated that we are a responsive, capable and committed team, excited by new challenges, flexible in our approaches and mindful in responding to the challenges of diverse groups across multicultural settings.

However we also recognise that children and young people need the support of people around them, so we are also committed to working with teachers, key workers and parents to help them to identify how their skills and knowledge can benefit young people and their families. 

We recognise that every child’s life is unique. Each individual has unique experiences, a unique perspective and a unique character. We want to understand and improve the lives of every child that we work with by listening to their Unique Voice.

Unique Voice CIC