Unstable King

Comedy with circus in it.

We are a newly spawned performance squad who make comedy with circus in it. Founded in 2014 by Galactus the Destroyer since then the company has been obsessively working on their latest show Game.

We have many aims, missions some would say.

Mission 1: To explore contemporary circus; making work that is enhanced by circus but doesn’t rely upon it.

Mission 2: To make work that can adapt to different spaces and situations.

Mission 3: To engage new audiences in live performance.

Mission 4: To entertain.

Mission 5: To destroy evil.

We are supported by Arts Council, Circomedia, The Marine Theatre, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Jackson’s Lane and Galactus (the destroyer).




Portfolio image: Unstable King - Game
Game is a circus-theatre show about three friends who believe they are trapped in a game. Told through sketch inspired comedy, invented games and Chuck Norris’s Martial Way™ the show is a playful journey about winning, losing and the discomfort of close range paint-ball gunfire.rnrnInspired by the paranoia of Philip K. Dick, the virtual worlds of computer games, the glory of Takeshi’s Castle and the inherent joy in winning.rnrnFeaturing music by Bon Jovi, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kola Kid and the should have been massive martial arts rock band Dragon Sound.

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The Cardboard Arcade

Portfolio image: Unstable King - The Cardboard Arcade
Re-imagining the penny arcades of old the cardboard arcade is a temporary kingdom where legends are made. The space is filled with our custom built cardboard arcade machines and one projected 8 player main event game. Curated with a focus on creativity, simplicity and multi-player we welcome people who like to play.rnrnWhat we do is bring a load of cardboard arcade machines with simple local multi-player games that we build around the space. It’s hosted by the cast of the show and if anyone isn’t used to playing games we go around and show people the ropes.rnrnWe have curated all the games over many hours of hard work playing them. They are wide ranging with the main criteria being they are simple to pick up and play and loads of fun to play with people.

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