Voluntary Arts England (South West)

Voluntary Arts – promoting participation in creative cultural activity.

Voluntary Arts promotes, supports and celebrates participation in creative cultural activity.  By providing information, advice and training, we help groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland provide opportunities for people to take part for the love of it.

Any list of activities we support will surely miss something – from Pirates of Penzance to Panto; Bhangra to Bollywood; Sewing to Sugarcraft; Guerilla Gardening to Grunge if it is creative, we want to help make sure it happens.

The organisation works with policy makers and politicians, lobbying for strong support for the cultural sector at national, international and local level as well as developing projects with partners to strengthen grassroots activity, and providing over 100 different briefing papers advising groups on a range of different issues.





South West Development Officer 2014-2016

Portfolio image: Voluntary Arts England (South West) - South West Development Officer 2014-2016
For the first time Voluntary Arts has a Development Officer based in the South West of England. rnrnKat Quatermass will be working with partners across the South West to deliver training which will help groups where people take part for the love of it to become more sustainable, benefit from a wider pool of volunteers, and get more publicity for the great work they do.rnrnFollow Kat on twitter @vaenglandsw to find out morernrnThis role is funded by The Spirit of 2012 Trust (Spirit) which was created from an endowment from the Big Lottery fund.

Voluntary Arts Week

Portfolio image: Voluntary Arts England (South West) - Voluntary Arts Week
In May each year creative groups across the UK are invited to take part in voluntary arts week by putting on new events, listing their regular events or joining in with craftbombs, flashmobs and more…rnrnScotland is way ahead of the game with over 150 events in 2014 and corresponding media interest and a flurry of twitter activity. rnrnIn 2015 it will be time for England to catch up, and especially the South West. Start signing events up from Autumn 2014.

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Information and Advice Briefings

Portfolio image: Voluntary Arts England (South West) - Information and Advice Briefings
Is your group thinking about the legal structure it needs, or wondering how to meet disability legislation? Do you need insights on how to embark on a social media campaign? Would you like to move your regular musical theatre shows out of a village hall and provide scenes on the streets, or in hospital wards?rnrnWith over 100 different briefings available, Voluntary Arts surely has the information to help you.rnrnBeware – the website isn’t the smoothest – you may need to try a couple of search terms to get the info you need – but we promise, you don’t have to pay for the briefing papers, even though the interface uses a shopping cart!rnrnGive it a try, and if you can’t find what you need, drop us an email!

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