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We care fiercely about Artists and Creative Freelancers working in this sector and in advocating for the very best conditions for brilliant art to be created.

We deliver our vision through a number of different services that are responsive to the needs of the sector within the different contexts we may find ourselves in. 

We place Artists at the centre of our all work. 

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Artist Support

We provide expert, artist-led support that enables people to develop distinctive ideas and thriving careers.

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Producer Support

Alongside our dedicated Artist Support work we are committed to supporting and developing Producers working within live performance with bespoke tailored support, events and training.

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Listening, being connected and cross fertilising are key components of how  Theatre Bristol work. The Networks we are a part of and the knowledge and understanding we gain from meetings feed directly into the programmes of support we design.

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Business Development

We provide specialist consultancy and business development services to help your organisation achieve its full potential.

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Theatre Bristol has facilitated events, workshops and conferences since 2006 and has become a specialist in hosting them with and for the arts and cultural sector.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Theatre Bristol offers coaching – a listening a questioning practice.

Through mentoring we provide the mentee with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback needed to make decisions and thrive.

Previous TB mentoring programmes have included:

  • Creative Leadership
  • Career or Practice Development
  • Building Resilience
  • Developing Partnerships

and anything else industry-related you might be struggling with.

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