Past Events

MATCH – an event for artists who are on the hunt for producers and producers who want to find some artists

For What’s Love Got To Do With It? (see below)  Theatre Bristol invited inspiring artists and producers to talk about the way they work together.  This follow up event, Match was for artists who are actively looking for a producer to work with and for producers looking for artists to work with. It was about building a launchpad for new working relationships. This was the invitation:

We need to get the right mix of people. It is for artists and companies based in Bristol and for producers from Bristol and anywhere in the world please. For dance artists, we will cast the net a little further to include anyone based in the South West. For both artists and producers, you’ll need to have had a minimum of two years professional experience for this particular event.

Expect speedy conversations. This is about the nitty-gritty of what you do and what you are looking for in a collaboration with an artist or producer. Also expect an informal atmosphere. There will be cake. It’s not a job interview.


How artists and producers can work together to make good stuff happen.


if you have not booked a place, we have put some extra tickets on sale (just 15) so please book quickly. Here is the information:

In recent years, we have had lots of one-to-one conversations with artists and producers about producing. Do I need a producer? What do they do? How do I find one? Can’t I be both? as well as How do I find artists to work with? What will they expect from me? Am I doing it right?

We’ve also been lucky enough to work with lots of artists and producers asking how they can take their work to the next level and how they can make change in the live performance scene as a whole. Sometimes this is from a particular art-form, sometimes the scale of work, sometimes it is about skills. It is always about people.

We’ve invited some inspiring people to give us a jumping off point. We have Jenny Sealey (Artistic Director of Graeae and Paralympics Opening Ceremony), Paul Crewes (Executive Producer Kneehigh), Emma Stenning (Executive Director Bristol Old Vic), James Yarker (Artistic Director Stan’s Cafe), Nick Sweeting (Producer for Improbable and formerly Producer for Stan’s Cafe, LIFT, Told By An Idiot), Kate Scanlan (Creative Director and Producer at Scanners Inc), Ella Mesma (Choreographer, B Girl, contemporary and Latin dancer). More to come too. It is going to be busy.

This event is about sharing stories of how we all work and spotting opportunities for the future. It is a national event and it is for artists and producers. It is not one of our Open Space events but we hope to carry forward the informal, sociable feel to help everyone make connections. Plus there will be some nice food at tea time. We all want to make great art. We all want to be better at what we do.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came along. We’re gradually pulling together the various bits of documentation from the event. First up, we’ve Storify-ed the twitter discussion that emerged from and around the event, here.

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