Julie Engelhardt

Julie Engelhardt is from Fargo, North Dakota. She graduated from North Dakota State University. She works at buy a research paper as freelance writer. She likes rock and pop music. She is big fan of Aiesec Azimov. She likes her job and her amateur rock group, where she sings.

The spiritual aspect of a balanced life

Do you sometimes question the purpose of your life? Do you feel stressed out, bored, and completely set aside? These sorts of feeling are normal in today’s world where family, career, friends, and problems continue to press on us, demanding most of our time and energy. Being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy will help you attain the quality of life that you have dreamed of. However, these things alone are not enough to make you happy. For us to keep going, we need something to hold on to. This is similar to our life’s purpose. When you know the purpose of your existence, you will live your life with a sense of direction. When you are guided by your faith, you are more likely to live your life not just for your own happiness but for others as well. Spirituality refers to the inner path that helps you uncover the meaning of life. We usually relate spirituality to religion.
Finding Your Life’s Purpose
When it comes to spirituality, it’s never a question of what your religion is. As long as you put your religion’s teachings into actions, you are giving importance to your spiritual world. Spirituality is neither a question of faith. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. So what does spiritual balance means? Basically, it’s all about finding your life’s purpose. It’s being aware of who you are, why you live, and what your missions are to fulfill your purpose. However, we can’t simply detach spirituality from religion, church, and faith, since these are things that help us track our purpose. Your religion gives identity to what you believe in.

Giving Time to Achieve Spiritual Balance

So what can you do to make sure that your spiritual side is given value? The answer is simple. Give time to it! If you can spend time watching TV, why not spend a little bit of time to enrich your spiritual life? If you are stressed out and are unsure of your purpose on earth, you may want to spend time alone and contemplate this question. Go to a place where you have no distractions. It can be a cemetery, library, your room, or anywhere you can find peace and serenity. Spare a few minutes to reflect on your life every day. Think of what you accomplished for the day, what you failed to do, and your feelings towards them.

Have you found your purpose in life? If not yet, don’t feel bad. It takes time to know and understand ourselves better. Finding balance in your life can be a huge challenge but it is the only way to achieve t