Abi Hill

GSA-trained production and stage manager with pyrotechnic, prop-making, LX rigging and design skills. 15 years experience.

I am a stage and production manager, interested in any kinds of projects which make people think, especially those connected with social change and DIY culture.

I have been working with circus theatre projects for the last fifteen years, as well as more mainstream theatre following my training at Guildford Shool of Acting.

I am a founder member of Invisible Youth, the Youth and Social Circus Wing of Bristol’s Invisible Circus. We provide free and subsidised social circus training and performance projects with children and youth in play spaces and performance spaces around Bristol. We participate in City wide events, organise free trips to national and international shows and produce pieces using the young students’ ideas and participation. This follows inspiration from two years’ teaching English in Spain, and collaboration with theatre in education projects, both there and in the UK.


Cabaret at the End of the World

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - Cabaret at the End of the World
Cutting edge, renewable energy-powered touring circus theatre showrnToured UK and Europe 2002-2007rnI was founder member/ production manager/prop-maker/performer

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Fusion Festival Cabaret Hangar

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - Fusion Festival Cabaret Hangar
This 60,000 strong music and culture festival in Neustrelitz, near Berlin, is set on an old Cold War airfield; in each of its enormous aircraft hangars different events and stages take place. We have produced the cabaret hangar for the last nine years, running 18 hours a day with cabaret, characters, bands, booths, DJs, sideshows, workshops, a masked ball, tea garden and divine eccentricity. Frequently reported to be the best hangar at the festival, we are currently gearing up for 2015 with a design overhaul and some new additions to the space.

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‘Bed’ by Kecca Rocca

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - 'Bed' by Kecca Rocca
Winner of 2010 Jeunes Talents de Cirque, the project rehearsed and played in Paris in November and returns for development in the UK in 2011 under the care of Crying Out Loud, London.

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Invisible Circus/Artspace Lifespace

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - Invisible Circus/Artspace Lifespace
The Invisible Circus produce unique circus theatre experiences in a wide variety of unusual locations including an ex cathedral, a car garage, shops, warehouses and most recently a police, fire and law courts complex as well as more traditional settings such as circus big tops and established theatres

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2.8 Hours Later

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - 2.8 Hours Later
I spent an immensely enjoyable few months working for Bristol’s pervasive games pioneers, Slingshot, working primarily on their zombie street chase game, 2.8 Hours Later. I started as production assistant and venue manager, before moving onto working as Box Office Manager and finally Inhuman Resources Manager, my favourite and longest-lasting post.rnFamily committments meant I had to leave reluctantly, but I look forward to working with the company again on their future ventures. rnLong live the Zombie Hordes!

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Theatre Damfino’s Little Table of Delights

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - Stage Manager, Theatre Damfino's Little Table of Delights
Stage Manager for rehearsals and run of new show from Theatre Damfino, The Little Table of Delights in Bristol Old Vic Studio September / October 2014.rn A theatrical tasting for children, this show was for children aged 7 -16 who were seated around a large table and served 5 courses of a finger food meal whilst watching and participating in a performance exploring the origins and wonders of food. rnDuties included prop making and sourcing, running budget for purchases, onstage animation and performance, stage management and pyrotechnics.

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Invisible Youth

Portfolio image: Abi Hill - Invisible Youth
Invisible Youth is the Youth and Social Circus Wing of Bristol’s Invisible Circus.rnWe believe access to circus should be open to all, as it is both inspiring to watch and rewarding and nurturing to participate in.rnWe run free, fortnightly circus workshops at Felix Road Adventure Playground in Easton, as well as more formal, paid circus and aerial courses for school-aged children at The Island, Bristol.rnWe also organise participation in events around the city such as St Paul’s Carnival (2nd prize for Best Community Group, 2014), Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade and Youth for Youth showcase events with CYN at The Station, as well as providing professional circus workshops for events and parties

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