Alessandro Marzotto Levy IMPERMANENCE


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E-mail: [email protected]
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I’m co-director at IMPERMANENCE DANCE THEATRE and i’m looking forward to set up a weekly dance class in Bristol.

My classes are open to all levels although if you have some dance experience you might be able to just close your eyes and totally devote yourself to the movement otherwise you’ll have to concentrate a bit more! You will find that the most important tool you’ll need to bring with you is passion for grooving and having fun while dancing.

I have been developing my own way to teach based on what i have learnt during my career and it would be a great pleasure to see how the new and old generations would relate to what i feel is a good way to train our minds and bodies.

My classes are based on guided improvisations,using imageries and sensation based tasks to warm up the body.I believe in a soft approach to get mind and body in harmony and ready for physical work and i can promise you that you will be moving a lot!!

New limits and movement ranges are to be found in our bodies through relaxation when pain or physical limitations show up.To end the class i would teach some of my own material that will reflect the whole journey of the class and then a nice cool down session where hopefully we are going to see dancers smiling!

I believe in the “there’s no right or wrong” kind of approach to dance so just come with love and passion for dancing and we’ll groove together!

See you there!