Alex Hykel

Alex Hykel was quite happily driving very large lorries for a living, until one day an broken battery charger under some kind of enchantment, bit him on the finger and wouldn’t let go until he promised to throw in his high visibility jacket and start using his dormant creative skills more productively. Part of the deal is that the battery charger holds the role of artistic and environmental consultant and mentor, insisting on the use of as many recycled materials as possible.

Since then Alex has worked in the wardrobe department of the Old Vic until its closure for refurbishment and now runs a small puppetry company called ‘Puppets and Pandemonium’, so called because of the general bedlam his family house goes through in the pursuit of vibrant art and quality entertainment. The company creates and performs highly engaging modern puppet shows for family audiences, often of an interactive nature.
Production has moved out of the family home and Puppets and Pandemonium have a studio in the haven for artists that is Hamilton House. The aim is to continue to develop their artistic direction by watching lots of theatre and honing their construction and performance skills in order to provide inventive and accessible puppetry of the highest possible quality to a broad section of the community.