Alexandra Wollacott


Tel: 7557987653,

I am a young and passionate actor available for work and looking for opportunities and auditions to get on to the stage or film. I have GCSE’s in drama and dance, A-level qualifications in Performing Arts, Drama, Dance and English Literature. I have performed in 4 venues in London, Disney land Paris and multiple venues in Bristol. I am currently in full time education, but am involved in two film projects. I am very keen to get started and am looking for any kind of work within the industry! I am passionate about local film and production within Bristol and it is my dream to be involved.

During the past year my performances have been mainly focused on dance. I have performed in Stages at the Colston Hall, a few local festivals such as Bristol Pride, and also a 40 minute set in Disney Land Paris. I perform with a local dance group based in Bristol. I am currently in full time education at North Bristol Post 16 centre, the performing arts specialist. During my A-Level studies in Drama, Performing Arts, Dance and Literature, I have spent a lot of time performing for exams. I created a devising piece in my unit 1, a performance of Sarah Kane’s 4:48 psychosis and a monologue from Laura Wade’s Breathing Corpses. I have been a stage manager for my sixthforms talent show, and often use my skills in English literature to write my own short dramas and ideas.

I am currently involved in two film projects, one is linked to my sixthform and another is part of a course. The course teaches me how to act for film and the final product will be shown in the Watershed Cinema in the winter. I am very keen to get involved in all aspects of film making alongside acting, as I am inspired by Wes Andersons work and also directors around Bristol. I am hoping to experience working on a film set and experiencing the atmosphere.

I would love to be involved in any kind of performance opportunities, I can sing, dance, perform physical theatre, perform comedy and film and stage acting



Dance teacher for ‘ignite’

Portfolio image: Alexandra Wollacott - Dance teacher for 'ignite'
Over a period of 8 weeks, I was given the amazing task to teach a group of 6-8 year old’s, a dance fit for the colston hall! The Ignite group excelled and got through to the Gala stage, and i learnt how to deal with lots of excitable children and expand my choreography reel.